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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Met up with Dawn Yip, the Nutritionist, Actress & Entrepreneur

The above 2 photos by Dawn Yip.

I met up with Miss Dawn Yip numerous times, we had dialogue on various aspect of entrepreneurship and her filming on various movies.

We spent some hours in discussion in various subjects of investments -  Mediacorp, which she was promoting.

It is good that a young lady like came out to venture on her own. She acted in various role in the following films:

Acted in OKTO (Arts Channel at Singapore) in a children's drama serial "Nick of Time". Acted as a working girl in a KTV pub, in the Hollywood movie "Mister John" - Feb 2012. Acted in the Mediacorp Chinese Drama Serial "孤男寡女" - March 2012. Currently in the midst of acting as Karen (Lead Actress) in independent short movie " Porcelain Baby" Feb-June 2012. Acted in Cold Blood: The Curse - a crime TV serial for Mediacorp -May 2012. Acted in Jack Neo's Movie - June 2012 etc.

Dawn Yip :